Generation Labels

What generation are you a part of? Are you the baby boomer generation? Generation X? Generation Y? Are you a part of the millennial generation? Its interesting how each generation has its own character traits and accomplishments. The Greatest Generation is one of the most notable. They successfully fought and lived through World War 2, came home from war and rolled up their sleeves, worked hard and made America the prosperous nation it is today. They truly were a great generation.

I was meditating today on the story in Mark 9 about the father who brings his son to the disciples seeking help and freedom. The Bible says in verse 18, “but they could not”, then in verse 19 Jesus cries out this harsh and heart-rending statement, ” O faithless generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I bear with you? Bring him to Me.” Those words, faithless generation, haunt me. Why did the actions of a few men cause Jesus to declare the whole generation faithless? What was it exactly that they did that put them under the heading of “faithless”? How do I avoid becoming a part of an entire generation of people labeled as faithless by God Almighty?

I’ve heard a few different explanations of this portion of scripture but I believe the answer is in what Jesus said, “Bring him to Me”. Why was this not the disciples first reaction? The boy was deaf and he had an evil spirit, that seems to me a job for the Master. So often, too often, we think we have the answer to all of our life issues. We set the Bible down and figure out how to live life on our own terms. We pick and choose what scriptures we follow and which we ignore. We pray when we are in desperate need and neglect prayer when we feel like everything is under control. Church becomes a social hangout and not a place of worship. We are more interested in “science” than in truth. These are things that cause us to become a faithless generation.

I challenge you to decide to make your generation the faith-filled generation. The miracle working, lost reaching, Jesus worshipping, Bible-agreeing, people-loving generation. Its in your hands to do it, don’t leave the label of your generation up to others, decide for yourself that your generation is going to be a God-honoring generation from this moment forward. I challenge you, I dare you.