Reading Challenge 

The statistics on people who read books on a regular basis after high school/college are concerning. There is so much to learn, there is so much to experience, there is so much to be comforted by or challenged by that we are ignoring. Too often our pursuits in life tend toward what makes me comfortable instead of what will challenge me or change me for the better. In January I challenged myself (and you!) to read more and I set out to include books that would inspire me to be a better Christian/wife/mother/friend. I hope you will join me on this journey. It hasn’t been easy, in fact it took me all of January  and most of February to read the first book because life became a bit overwhelming, so I skipped reading my February choice but instead of condemning myself or giving up all together I kept on going and I’m so glad I did! I also have divided how many pages I need to read daily in order to finish by the end of the month, a daily discipline that enhances my life. 

The book for March is Undaunted by Christine Caine. I love the way she writes because it feels very conversational which makes it easy to read. Most importantly, I am only a few pages in and already my heart has been gripped by her story and her passion, her willingness to push herself beyond the fear and place of comfort and live a life of effectiveness. She doesn’t just talk about helping others, she spends her life actually doing something to help others and it is changing the lives of many men, women and children who are victims of trafficking. This passion of hers is contagious, start reading this book and become infected by it!