It’s the Little Things

 I miss my dad, he is in heaven now, lucky him! One of the things I miss the most is calling him on the phone and his reaction when he picked up and realized it was me. “Hi Kell” he would say, and I could hear the happiness and pleasure in his voice that I had called to talk. I miss that so much, how good it made me feel that my dad was so happy to hear from me, no hint of disappointment that I hadn’t called earlier or more often just happiness…
James Madison was our 4th US President, and I have read biographies that said his wife, Dolly Madison was more popular in Washington than the president was. Why? Because of her parties, she gave wonderful parties where every guest felt like they were the most important person there. Dolly’s guests always felt accepted, welcomed and honored. When Dolly Madison was asked what her secret was, she said these words, “it’s all in the hi’s and good-byes”. 
In the New Testament Paul and many of the other writers remind us to”greet one another” or to “send my greetings to…” I wonder if sometimes we get so wrapped up in our thoughts, plans and troubles that we forget those around us, someone that might benefit from a smile or friendly greeting. Or we wait fot the “right moment” or a special occasion. I think we need to learn a lesson from my dad and Dolly Madison, it’s not always the grand gestures, the large gifts or the ballads of love that make a difference in relationships, sometimes it’s the “hi’s and goodbye’s” that matter the most.  


(Me and my dad)


4 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. Very well said! It is the “hi’s” and “goodbyes”. When we see someone is so happy to see us and that bit of sorrow when they leave, that’s real love. Hoping I convey that to my loved ones as well!

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