The Faith of Eunice and Lois 


(My babies.)

“I remember your genuine faith, for you share the faith that first filled your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice. And I know that same faith continues strong in you.” 2 Timothy 1:5
There is no one that influences children more than their parents. We teach, we lead, we guide and we influence. Our faith is what we want to make the biggest and most lasting impact on our children. So share your stories of answered prayer, share your story of salvation with your kids, because they are listening.
Here are just a few little nuggets of truth I pulled out of this scripture reference:
1. Paul refers to Timothy’s genuine faith. In light of today’s celebrity obsessed society, a lot of times we can become that way about preachers and ministers, putting them on a higher pedestal than God ever intended. We can be guilty of believing something just based on the fact that our favorite preacher said it, which I believe is not genuine faith. Genuine faith must be based on God and His Word alone. We must read and know the scriptures, pray and seek Gods face for ourselves And we believe and accept what our favorite preacher says when we know it is in agreement with Gods word.
2. Mom and Grandma shared their faith. I remember when my kids were young I felt like I talked all day long. I was instructing from sun up to sun down, put that away, clean that up, how was your day, do your homework, dinner is ready, eat your vegetables, you are going to sit there until you eat your vegetables… And I imagine  that is exactly what Mom Lois and Grandma Eunice did with Timothy, talking and teaching him the scripture and how to pray and how to have faith all day long. In the midst of all of our instructing during the day we must remember the most important part is sharing our faith.
3. Mom and Grandma also had a faith that filled them. I love that. I am sure that they had many moments that doubt and/or fear would try to take over their hearts and mind but I believe they continually chose to trade their fear and doubt for faith. They crowded out their fear and doubt with faith until they were filled with it. How do you do that? It’s a choice, choosing to know Gods Word and God’s character, when you know those things it’s easier to allow faith to fill you. I am so impressed and challenged by the life of George Mueller, he was a precious man of faith that took care of over 10,000 orphans in England during the 1800’s. And the remarkable thing was that he never shared with anyone their needs, he would pray and believe that God would provide, and guess what, He did! George Mueller was a man filled with faith.
4. Paul in this scripture reminds Timothy of his strong and continual faith. We must have a strong faith that endures no matter what storm blows through our lives. In Hebrews 10:23 the writer tells us to “hold fast to our confession of faith, for he who promised is faithful.” I read that verse not long after visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium where I saw, among a lot of other amazing things, an exhibit on seaweed, the importance of it and all of its uses. I was reminded that their root system is very different than other plants. Seaweed do not have roots that go down into the sea floor, they get their nutrients through their leaves and at the bottom of the plant is what is called a “holdfast”. That holdfast finds a rock and then secretes a cement type substance that nothing besides either the death of the plant or a violent upheaval of some sort can separate the seaweed from that rock. It is the same with us, even though the storms of life come and can bend us and push us to the point of breaking, as long as we hold fast to the rock Christ Jesus we will be all right! And in those moments of struggle, trial and tribulation, when our children see us immovable in our faith it will influence their faith as well.
So, thank you Moms for all that you do! Thank you for talking to your kids from sun up to sun down! Thank you for sharing your stories of salvation and answered prayer! And thank you for modeling a faith-filled life that holds fast no matter the circumstance.
Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️

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