Good Morning!


Yesterday for breakfast I made these yummy Raspberry Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins (recipe at Don’t you agree that the raspberries are beautiful?!? Like little jewels that you almost hate to eat but they taste so good… Why did God spend so much time making every little creature, plant, animal,vegetable, mineral so beautiful?
Thats one of the things about God that amazes me, how beautiful he has made the world we live in. Think about it, he could have made the earth strictly functional. He could have placed everything we need here but made it all white or greige. He could have made a very utilitarian and boring world but he didn’t, he made it amazing! Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, He has put eternity in their hearts….” All theses beautiful things, from sunsets to sea shells, from raspberries to flowers are here to remind us of a loving God that has made us not just for this life but for the life to come. The design reminds us there is a designer , it reminds us that we were made for a purpose.


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