Read it Wednesday

Have I told you lately how much I love to read? I love to read. (In case I haven’t told you). A dream vacation for me would be to have a week to sit by the ocean or a pool and read as many books as I want, then a week to explore and experience and then one more week to read. Doesn’t that sound lovely!!??!! If reading is not a habit in your life then you should cultivate it. We can learn from the great minds and great experiences of other people instead if just trying to figure everything out for ourselves. Not only that but a good story, mystery or romance can take you away from the pressures of life and cause you to feel refreshed and renewed. Have I talked you into it yet? I hope so! Download the app, Goodreads. It will help you find good books to read and connect you with other people who like to read as well.
What book am I reading? “Team of Rivals; the Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln” by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Love it! It’s pretty wordy (re:thick) but Abraham Lincoln was a hero and a character to boot! I hope you spend time this week finding and reading a good book, you’ll be glad you did!


Sunrise (I don’t see too many of these!)

Sunrise (I don't see too many of these!)

I remember when my oldest son, Bubba, was wee little he would come in my room in the morning and say, ” Mom, we have to get up, it’s shiny outside.” I would groan and mumble at him that he should go back to bed. It never worked of course, youngsters are always so full of energy. So I would get up and drag myself into the kitchen and make him breakfast. And while I was grumbling about how I’d rather be in bed he was smiling and excited and looking forward to the day. So now, when I see the sun rise or a beautiful day dawning, I think to myself “get up, it’s shiny outside”. Get up and recognize the potential of this day! Get up and realize that God has created this day and that whatever this day has in store, God will be there shining His love and peace and power down on us. Get up!! And be excited for the potential of this day, it’s shiny!