Humble Yourselves

Humble yourself, eat humble pie, humiliate, humiliation, humility. all these words seem to leave a negative taste in our mouth, especially in this day and age. The day of self-made gazillionaires and young Hollywood types that get on stage in front of millions of people and put on a perversely shocking “show” and when confronted with the ethics of it remind people its their world and they can do whatever the (bad word inserted here) they want. The list goes on and on of the “less than humble” examples we are confronted with from day to day. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that the best way to get something done, the best way to do something great is to be confident. You have to first believe that you CAN do something before you can actually do it. But is what is being exhibited so often in our society confidence or is it arrogance and selfish ambition? I can’t help but think of Moses, the Bible says that he was the most humble man, and look what he did, armed with nothing but a staff and little to no support from his own people, he confronted the most powerful leader in the known world. He confidently strode up to Pharaoh and commanded him to “let my people go!”. What a stud! And even when Pharaoh refused and punished the Hebrews for what Moses was doing which caused them in turn to curse Moses, he kept at it, not in arrogance and selfish ambition, but in humility; the understanding that he was merely God’s messenger, God’s mouthpiece, God’s tool to deliver the children of Israel out of bondage. Humbly recognizing that he was there not to carry out his own will, voice his own opinion, or inflict his own revenge but to serve God and His purposes. That, my friends, is truly the beginning of humility. I am not here for my own pleasure, my own purpose, my own pursuits but I am here to serve God and His purpose.  


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