A Noteworthy Life

This world and life can be so discouraging, pictures, images, commercials, news reports, television shows all reminding us of who we aren’t, what we are not accomplishing, what we don’t look like, how much money we don’t have, oh, and by the way, the government is bad, the economy is bad and global warming (or cooling) is on the rise. Sheesh! Discouraging! But then I read a  verse like James 4:10, the whole verse is great but let me start with the second half of it, “…He will lift you up and make your lives significant.” Wow. He will lift me up, (there is a pre-requisite to that happening but we will talk about that another day), when all the world and circumstances and expectations and disappointments are trying to drag me down God is trying to lift me up, to “set my feet on solid rock”, to give me the security that I crave, to get me out of harms way, to set me above the fray, to show me that I have a greater purpose than to just exist. And then of course, my favorite part, “…and make your lives significant.” Again, wow. I think we all desire that, to have a life of purpose, to live a life that positively impacts others. We all desire to live a life where we are not just using oxygen and taking up space but we are significant. A life in God can give us just that.

When I started this blog I really wanted the name of it to be “A Significant Life” or “A Life of Significance”. I tried every configuration I could think of with the word significant or significance in it but other people, who apparently want to live a significant life as well, had already used them for their blogs. So, I went to thesaurus.com and found the word “noteworthy”. I like it, its kind of old fashioned, excuse me, vintage sounding. So that is what this little blog will be about, my perspective on living a significant or noteworthy life. I know that’s the kind of life that God wants for us, I know that’s the kind of life we want for ourselves. And,  I think the first step is in recognizing that God wants that for YOU, not other people, not “better’ people, YOU. We can have a noteworthy, impacting life right where we are at. Full-time homemaker, career-oriented woman, divorcee, single, older, younger, college student, married…wherever you find yourself today God wants to “lift you up and make your life significant.”


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