“The more that …

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” ~Dr. Suess

 I am declaring Wednesdays, “Read It Wednesday”. There is a statistic that says that 33% of people after graduating high school will not read a book. What a sad commentary… I love to read! Reading opens the door to so many things that can enhance your life and give you new insight, a different perspective  and inspiration to live the life you want to live. And that is what this blog is all about, living beyond the norm, beyond the status quo and doing more than just getting by.

My favorite book that I have read so far is “Quitter” by Jon Acuff. What a great book! It is a “how-to” book on going from your day job to your dream job. I have read many inspirational books that when I was through with them I wanted to change the world, become Martha Stewart or Sister Teresa but its not enough to be inspired if you don’t know what steps to take to live out what you are inspired about.

Pick up a book today and read a chapter. Go to the library, get on Amazon find a  book on a subject that interests or encourages or challenges you and Read It (on) Wednesday!

Let me know in the comments below what you are reading.


Humble Yourselves Part 2

What is it about Moses that caused him to be humble? There are probably a lot of answers to that question. Rick Warren has said “humble people don’t think less of themselves, they just think of themselves less.” I would say that was definitely  true in the case of Moses, as soon as he had an encounter with God at the burning bush his focus became God and delivering God’s people out of Egypt. I heard Jentezen Franklin preach that Moses spent 40 years in the palace learning that he was somebody, then he spent 40 years in the desert learning that he was nobody and those 80 years together prepared him to lead the children of Israel for another 40 years. I believe that is the formula for humility, we need to learn that we are somebody. We need to acknowledge what the Bible says regarding us, that we are the apple of God’s eye, that we are righteous, that we can do all things through Christ, that we are the head and not the tail, we are above and not beneath. We need to learn and accept what God’s Word says about us so that we can have the right foundation we need to become all that God has for us. And then we need to learn think about ourselves less, which is a difficult thing to do in this culture, a culture driven by “my needs, my rights, my desires’. We need to become consumed with the God who loves, who created us for a unique purpose. And that purpose will always be focused on helping someone else. But first and foremost that all must start with an encounter with God. Moses stood in the presence of God, heard the voice of God and responded to that experience by establishing a relationship with God. If you’ve never had an encounter with God I encourage you today to call His name, listen for His voice, stand in His presence and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. The Bible says that He sent His only Son, Jesus, into the world to die for our sins which removed any and all barriers between us and that all  you have to do to receive that is to believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead and to confess with your mouth Jesus as your Lord. It is the best and most important step to living a noteworthy life.

Humble Yourselves

Humble yourself, eat humble pie, humiliate, humiliation, humility. all these words seem to leave a negative taste in our mouth, especially in this day and age. The day of self-made gazillionaires and young Hollywood types that get on stage in front of millions of people and put on a perversely shocking “show” and when confronted with the ethics of it remind people its their world and they can do whatever the (bad word inserted here) they want. The list goes on and on of the “less than humble” examples we are confronted with from day to day. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that the best way to get something done, the best way to do something great is to be confident. You have to first believe that you CAN do something before you can actually do it. But is what is being exhibited so often in our society confidence or is it arrogance and selfish ambition? I can’t help but think of Moses, the Bible says that he was the most humble man, and look what he did, armed with nothing but a staff and little to no support from his own people, he confronted the most powerful leader in the known world. He confidently strode up to Pharaoh and commanded him to “let my people go!”. What a stud! And even when Pharaoh refused and punished the Hebrews for what Moses was doing which caused them in turn to curse Moses, he kept at it, not in arrogance and selfish ambition, but in humility; the understanding that he was merely God’s messenger, God’s mouthpiece, God’s tool to deliver the children of Israel out of bondage. Humbly recognizing that he was there not to carry out his own will, voice his own opinion, or inflict his own revenge but to serve God and His purposes. That, my friends, is truly the beginning of humility. I am not here for my own pleasure, my own purpose, my own pursuits but I am here to serve God and His purpose.  

A Noteworthy Life

This world and life can be so discouraging, pictures, images, commercials, news reports, television shows all reminding us of who we aren’t, what we are not accomplishing, what we don’t look like, how much money we don’t have, oh, and by the way, the government is bad, the economy is bad and global warming (or cooling) is on the rise. Sheesh! Discouraging! But then I read a  verse like James 4:10, the whole verse is great but let me start with the second half of it, “…He will lift you up and make your lives significant.” Wow. He will lift me up, (there is a pre-requisite to that happening but we will talk about that another day), when all the world and circumstances and expectations and disappointments are trying to drag me down God is trying to lift me up, to “set my feet on solid rock”, to give me the security that I crave, to get me out of harms way, to set me above the fray, to show me that I have a greater purpose than to just exist. And then of course, my favorite part, “…and make your lives significant.” Again, wow. I think we all desire that, to have a life of purpose, to live a life that positively impacts others. We all desire to live a life where we are not just using oxygen and taking up space but we are significant. A life in God can give us just that.

When I started this blog I really wanted the name of it to be “A Significant Life” or “A Life of Significance”. I tried every configuration I could think of with the word significant or significance in it but other people, who apparently want to live a significant life as well, had already used them for their blogs. So, I went to thesaurus.com and found the word “noteworthy”. I like it, its kind of old fashioned, excuse me, vintage sounding. So that is what this little blog will be about, my perspective on living a significant or noteworthy life. I know that’s the kind of life that God wants for us, I know that’s the kind of life we want for ourselves. And,  I think the first step is in recognizing that God wants that for YOU, not other people, not “better’ people, YOU. We can have a noteworthy, impacting life right where we are at. Full-time homemaker, career-oriented woman, divorcee, single, older, younger, college student, married…wherever you find yourself today God wants to “lift you up and make your life significant.”